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News & Events

Buenos Aires and the world of Tango are filled with culture. The secret is only to discover it!





certificate of excellence tango hotel



We are very proud and honored that again after 2014 we have received the Certificate of Excellence in 2015 for the Apassionata-Tango-Hotel!

Thank you to all our guests, we are looking forward to welcome you again in Buenos Aires and to enjoy many more great tango-nights together!










Tango-Reise Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires:
special 20% offer in the Apassionata-Tango-Hotel!

Tango in Buenos Aires, a completely special experience… One condition is the correct Tango accommodation, the second one: an unbeatable price. With our offer from July to September 2016- August is the month of the world tango championships - you will get both, a Tango Hotel in the middle in Buenos Aires and the best price: 20% off! Mail your desired date and asks for further discounts, if you are traveling longer than one week.












upcoming Tango-Tours to Buenos Aires in 2016


January:   Tango- & Pure-Nature-Tour
February:    Tango-Single-Tour I (fully booked) + II
March/April:    Easter-Tango-Tour
May:    Tango-Single-Tour
August:    World-Festival-Tour
Oktober:    Tango-Single-Tour
November:    Tango-Intensive-Tour
December:    Silvester-Tango-Tour


exact dates + and more options   + individual travel dates.

please request free information here.










Tango-Show Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: worthwhile events


Tango- Show: Corporación Tangos with “Vibraciones de Alma” in the Teatro Broadway
Tango- concert: Sexteto Mayor vs. Quinteto Real an absolute highlight! Fridays and Saturdays in the cultural centre Torcuato Tasso
Tango-concert: Ciudad Baigón every Wednesday at the Club Atlético Fernandez Fierro
Exhibition: “Carlos Gardel” at the Museo Casa Carlos Gardel












Tango-Reise Buenos Aires

Tango-Tours: Take advantage of the early booker´s periods

Ask for the early booker´s period for the Tango-tours to Buenos Aires, it saves a lot of money!
Those who would like to come along should send the registration before of reserve a seat, it´s worth it!


The Tango-Single-Tour starts 02nd of October, including: Argentinean dance partner, milongas, many tango-lessons, excursions, tango-accommodation, insider-assistance… and much more excitement.


Dates overview    get Infos










Tango-Reise Buenos Aires

Festival de Tango & Tango World Championship

Like last year, the two greatest Tango-Events in Buenos Aires will again take place in August: The Festival de Tango, followed by the official World Championship, the Mundial de Tango.

At that time, the city is filled with tango-culture: many unusual milongas, special tango-lessons, orchestras, tango-theatre, exhibitions… it´s bubbling and it is worth it! More information on the events can be found on the following websites: and

For those who would like to visit the Festival or the World Championship: this is possible as an individual or in groups, there are well-priced tickets during that time, just email us.










Flüge nach Buenos Aires

Tango- & Español-Tour approved as educational leave


Good news for all of you who have the opportunity to take educational leaves: or Tango- & Español- Tour in Buenos Aires is being approved as an educational leave in almost every state. The tour can be booked as an individual trip or in groups, at almost every date in spring and fall. Who is in the mood for intensive Tango and Spanish: just tell us your desired dates of travels and we will gladly send you detailed information.














Listen to Tango & Argentinean folklore on the internet


Here is a small selection of Tango-Internetradios:

Azul 101.9 FM
Colonia 550 AM
FM Calden (arg. Folklore)
FM Estereo 2000
HLM Tango
La 2x4 (unser Tipp für Tango!)
Radio Cubik Network
Radio General Belgrano
Radio Nacional (unser Tipp für arg. Folklore!)

For those who would also like to listen to other music from Argentina, here .










Notfall Buenos Aires

What to do in case of burglary? New emergency-service


All of you, who are going on a journey should remember this phone number: 116 116. The central blocking emergency call now does also freeze any access to online banking. You can report stolen or lost cards 24/7 via telephone, to avoid a misusing by third. The service is worldwide and at any given time reachable, even outside of the regular Hotline times. In Germany, the number 116 116 can even be called for free.
Source: German Travel Association











Mate Tea is healthy – but how do you drink it?


Mate is the Argentinean drink no.1 and it already has attained a cult status. You can often meet people in the streets with a thermos jug and a Mate in one hand. As mate, the drink, as well as the jar is being described. The herb itself is called “Yerba”. To drink Mate is something real social, and it has the “hookah”-character. The Mate is being passed around, and is being emptied by one person (who does so with an obvious slurping sound), before it is being filled up again and passed on to the next person.

The preparation: there are artistic ways, here is a summary:
Fill the Mate-jar halfway with Yerba. Put your hand on top of it and turn it around, shake it lightly, so that the powder comes to the top, fill up with not anymore boiling hot water, add sugar as you like. The extraction can be repeated many times.
And: Mate is healthy! Because of the caffeine, Mate is activating, and stimulates circulation (watch out at nights!), and it advances the digestion. Mate is known as performance-enhancing and hunger assuaging and is even known as a slimming agent (drink one hour before eating). The Mate jar and Yerba can be ordered most easily through the internet, or of course while visiting Argentina. There it can be bought in artistic shapes at the Ferias.

Wikipedia has detailed information










Tango-News Buenos Aires

Mystical Tango-Café discovered…


Buenos Aires. Underneath a 50cm thick layer of earth, at the end of December 2008, the rest of a dance floor of one of the most historical Tango-Cafés of Buenos Aires has been found.
Between 1877 and 1912 the “Café Hansen” was one of the Tango-Sights of the city and was mentioned in many Tango-movies and texts.
At the location, a new Milonga should come into existence in 2009.
Here are more information in Spanish.












Buenos Aires interaktiv

Recipe: Empanadas


Empanadas. In Buenos Aires they can be found at every corner, and every housewife has prepared thousands for her lovers already. Filled dough pockets, in every form, with meat, bacon and cheese, corn, spicy or mild, fried or baked, and even in sweet forms. In Argentina, they are a must. They say the best are available at “La Americana”, Callao 83, close to the Tango-International Departments…
Here is a video with directions from the Cooking Class with Teresita, Buenos Aires.
Here is the recipe as a PDF to print.











Buenos Aires interaktiv

* * * Buenos Aires interactive * * *


For those who would like to prepare themselves for their stay in Buenos Aires, or who are looking for a special place: on the server of the government, an interactive map of Buenos Aires can be found with car and pedestrian route planner.


Some search-actions with a regular map can be avoided by using this planner. For those who in general prefer asking people: most of the Argentinean people know their way around the city very well and also know most street names. Tip: Send a nice lady to ask, they will then take you by the hand and lead you to the destination…